Brian Kinney + choosing Justin

"And… When I come home, I’ll also be doing… Exactly what I want to do: coming home to you."

Brian Kinney + what (the fuck) are you doing here?

Brian Kinney + the arrangement

Brian Kinney + the BIGGEST lie ever told

Brian Kinney + I only have one question

Brian Kinney + black tank tops

Brian Kinney + compliments for Justin

Brian: You got to sit him down, take his hand and tell him, “Honey, it’s a steaming pile of horseshit”.
Michael: Could you say that to Justin?
Brian: Yeah. Fortunately, the lad’s a genius.

Brian Kinney + making fun of Justin and Ethan

- He told me that I’m all he wants.
- They’re still using that one?

Brian Kinney + Gus

"You should give yourself more credit. I see how you are when you’re with him - it’s like nobody else on earth exists. And when he looks at you… You’re not your father. You love your son."

Brian Kinney + gayest moments